Crate Package TWO


The Crate Pack TWO includes:

  • 15 x BC1 Medium Handy Crate
  • 15 x BC2 Large Allrounder Crate
  • 1 x 2.5kg butchers paper pack
  • 1 x Platform Dolly
  • FREE Marker Pen
  • FREE Labels
    Recommended for a two-bedroom apartment with 1-2 people.
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This crate package is our most popular choice! Recommended for a two-bedroom apartment with 1-2 people.

These strong and durable plastic crates will make your house move much easier and more convenient. With our BC1 Handy crate and the BC2 Allrounder crate you get two different sized crates to pack and transport your possessions when you move to a new house. As our crates do not require assembly and arrive ready to use, you can start packing immediately. The tapered body design of the Handy and Allrounder Crate allow for space saving nesting of up to 15 crates. You can safely stack up to four full crates for maximum floor use. Use the platform dolly to move packed crates around or to move furniture, shelves and pot plants.

BC-1 Handy Crate Medium – Product Specifications:

  • External Dimensions: L600 x W400 x H335 mm
  • Internal Dimensions: L555 x W365 x H315 mm
  • Capacity: 35kg / 50L
  • Water resistant
  • Heavy Duty
  • Stackable
  • Lids are steel hinged, interlocking, reinforced and leak resistant
  • Internal & external reinforcement on the front and sides
  • Carrying handles
BC-2 Allrounder Crate Large – Product Specifications:

  • External Dimensions: L680 x W430 x H320 mm
  • Internal Dimensions: L630 x W390 x H300 mm
  • Capacity: 35kg / 73L
  • Water resistant
  • Tough
  • Stackable
  • Steel hinged, interlocking, reinforced and leak resistant lid
  • Internal & external reinforcement front and sides
  • Sturdy Handles