BC3 XL – All-Purpose Crate


Product Specifications:

  • Attached lid
  • Heavy-Duty
  • Wide carry handles
  • Lockable
  • Water resistant
  • No box-building required
  • No Disposal required
  • External Dimensions
    • L:710 x W:460 x H:375 mm
    • L:28.0 x W:18.1 x H:14.8 inches
  • Internal Dimensions
    • L:630 x W:415 x H:345 mm
    • L:24.8 x W:16.3 x H:13.6 inches
  • Capacity
    • 80 litres
    • 2.83 cubic feet
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Product Description:

Made of injection moulded polypropylene, these crates are built to last.
They are weatherproof, lockable, clean and complete with an attached lid.

Our popular BC3 XL All-Purpose crate is tough, secure and water resistant. It is widely used for moving, storage, distribution or archiving purposes. One crate can hold the entire contents of a standard filing cabinet drawer or up to 10 Lever Arch Binders. Use for files, folders, desk and office contents, parts, stock and anything else that is not liquid or flammable. Features wide, comfortable carry handles and attached, interlocking lids. The BC3 XL All-Purpose Crates securely stack on top of each other when full and nest inside each other when empty, helping to optimise valuable space.

These roomy moving crates are best handled using the specially designed crate skate shown below in related products. The skate allows you to move the empty or full crates with ease whilst packing and unpacking.


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