Wardrobe Box / Port-a-Robe


Product Specifications:

  • Length: 595mm
  • Width: 479mm
  • Height: 1106mm
  • Strong & Sturdy
  • Steel rail included
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Hanging Clothes
The wardrobe box , also known as a porta robe or hanging clothes box, will help you moving your hanging clothes in a much easier way than folding every single item and packing it in a box.
Each wardrobe moving box includes a steel rail, so you can transfer clothing directly from your bedroom closet to the port-a-robe. The extra room in the bottom of the box can be filled with shoes and boots. Due to the convenient front fold down panel,  you have easy access for quick unpacking at your new home.  The integrated carry handles on both sides of the box allow for easy carrying from and to the moving truck (Do you need a Removalist?) or within the house. The box is made from heavy duty, twin cushioned cardboard, which makes it very strong and reliable, it can cope with a heavy load.

Using this type of hanging clothes box is particularly recommended for business suits, ball gowns, dresses, coats, jackets and even your wedding dress. It will keep all your precious garments wrinkle free. Each port a robe will hold the hanging clothes of approximately half a metre of your bedroom closet space. You would need to buy two wardrobe boxes for a standard 1m wide closet, three for a 1.5 m wide closet and 4 for a 2m wide closet.

Money for Wardrobe Boxes is Money well spent!
It saves you the time and hassle to carry armfuls of clothing to the car, have them slip sliding all over the back seat, losing the coat hangers and getting everything messed up.
Our Flat Pack Box is perfect for packing bedding, linen and towels while all other, folded, clothing is best be moved in a Tea Chest Carton/Large Packing Box , as it can still be easily picked up and carried. As the wardrobe box is heavy duty and sturdy, it can be reused many times and is perfect for storing seasonal summer or winter clothing in the attic or garage.