BC4 XXL – IT/Computer Crate


Product Specifications:

  • Heavy-Duty
  • No need to build before you pack
  • Attached, interlocked lid
  • Extra-large carry handles
  • Lockable lid
  • Weatherproof
  • No Waste/No Disposal
  • External Dimensions
    • L: 70cm x W:57cm x H:62cm
  • Internal Dimensions
    • L: 64cm x W:54cm x H:62cm
  • Capacity
    • 214 Litres
    • 7.5 Cubic Feet
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Specially designed for the safe transit of individual Desktop PC Systems – Processor, Flat screen (up to 24 inch), Keyboard and Mouse – one complete system per crate.

Product Description:

Our BC4 XXL IT Moving Crate is specially designed for the safe transit of individual Desktop PC Systems – Processor (CPU), Flat screen Monitor (up to 24 inch), Keyboard, Mouse and Wires – one complete system per crate. The BC4 crate is meant to be compactly filled. This will reduce the risk of damage during a move. Use Antistatic Bubble Bags, Monitor Covers and Keyboard bags for extra protection/cushioning and void fill. Constructed of polypropylene, the BC4 XXL –Computer Crate is tough and hard-wearing while the lidded design ensures that they can easily be shut and secured using cable ties. The packed crate can be carried comfortably by one or two people, using the extra-large carry handles. Our IT crates can be nested inside each other when empty and stacked on top of each other when full to save workplace space. The uniform shape of the crates allows for consistent stacking which helps to fully utilize the moving trucks capacity.

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